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Jan. 8th, 2006 @ 06:56 pm
Fuck...I get FFXI back, and now I can't get it to run at my new place.


Oh yeah, I'm currently at risk of having my journal hacked because my password doesn't contain a number or symbol. I find this funny, as Livejournal has made the assumption that I care enough to change my password.

Another Question for Liz Jul. 19th, 2005 @ 08:03 pm
Hey, I was wondering if youd be interested in doing a little project with me.

I need an artist, and you're the only one I know (that, and you're really really good), for a mini-comic-series thing for my website. Although I haven't written it out, it shouldn't be too long, and all but one of the characters are from other webcomics, so apperence ideas shouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, if you're interested, let me know and I'll fill ya in with more detail.

Questions for Liz Jul. 9th, 2005 @ 07:17 pm
1. Are you going to Animethon?

2. How do I make a Sailor Mercury costume?

Jun. 20th, 2005 @ 08:39 pm
Home stretch. 3 exams left, then that's it.

Been a pretty good three years.


Strippers Union Local 518, leading the Best CD of the Year so far.

FYI Last year The Hip tied with William Shatner.

3 Best CD's of All Time

Dark Side of the Moon- Pink Floyd
Tommy- The Who
Srg Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band- The Beatles

Katamari Damacy is up there as well.

Jun. 4th, 2005 @ 06:44 pm
Grad before its time is pointless.

Potatos and Beef are not worth $75 per person.

Dancing is lame.

June 3, 2005.

Fuck that shit.
Other entries
» (No Subject)
I had a long rant written, but it was pretty lame. I'll some up with this.

Thanks to everyone who put up with my shit over the last three years.

Specifically my parents.
Well, that was a blast. I wish I knew more about Anime. I think I'll start watching full series. If you feel like buring me a CD of anything, I'd be glad to watch it.

The person who won best overall at the cosplay contest, deserved best overall at the cosplay contest.

.....but only because I didn't enter.
» Suit Walk
Xbazzaah. I get to go suit shopping for Grad today. (Heavy Sarcasm)

Most guys are getting a tux, but I simply cannot see the point in that, $100+ bucks for something you wear once. No thanks. I'm just going to get a suit that I can use eventually (job interviews, mafia work, that kind of thing) in real life.

I suppose if I wasn't so freaking apathetic towards the whole grad ceremony it may help, but the only reason I'm going is to make my parents happy, and the only reason I'm dressing up, rather than my initial plan of a t-shirt and jeans is so that my mom will allow me to go. Nice cycle there.

I do find it funny however that this celebration of my work over the past 12 years means less to me than to anyone else I know. Hell, even my sister-in-law seems more excited then me. So who's the crazy one, me or everybody else?

Here's a hint, I'm not the one that paid $450 for what will end up being dinner, and leaving before people start to dance.

PS. It's so funny when people try to dance. I don't care how "good" you are, dancing is lame, and those who dance are lame by association.

PPS. When I mentioned the above to Mrs. Shwartz she said "Oh...you can't dance" (which I can't, and due to my lack of coordination probably wouldn't be able even if the desire was there) "Do you want me to teach you?" O.o; That Liz, is a crackbit. (Although Simpsons Incest is too)

PPPS. One thing I'm looking forward to about grad is another theme CD I'm going to burn. It'll be titled "The Kirbo Years" and it's going to be comprised of my favorites from the past three years (not songs that were made in the past three years, but rather the songs I enjoyed the most during the past three years."
I'll post what made it on when I have it figured out, but in the meantime what are some songs that would make it on your "The (Insert name/nickname here) Years"?

PPPPS. Did I have enough PS's?
» Hey hey hey
Wow, it's been a while. I can't say what inspired me to update again, but whatever. A lot has happened in the last while. The most notable things were The Tragically Hip concert, which stands as the best night of my life, easily overtaking the previous champion, the day I found a nacho truck unguarded. Secondly, and more importantly....I guess. I was accepted to the University of Calgary, and better yet, the University of Waterloo.

What this means, is that, barring a major fuck up on the provincial exams, I will be ending my nearly 18 year stay in Calgary with my parents. That's a pretty major step, but I think I'm ready, although I will admit I am nervous about it. Then today I got to thinking, "Holy balls, I have 7 weeks of high school left." Probably the three most profound years of my life...done with. Don't get me wrong, it'll be nice to be out of high school and be able to move on with my life, yet there is something rather uncomforting about going into the unknown. Sometimes I wish I could do it all over, just so I could have three more years or the same. (Other, more rational times occur around Calculus and Social.)

This of course led me to think of what I would change if I could do it all over again. Then I realised that besides one thing (dropping AP math) I'm pretty pleased with how I did things over the last three years. Rather then regret what I did, I'm simply curious how things would have turned out had I:

a) Been nice to people, rather then be an ass.
b) Hung out with people from my high school more often.
c) Cared about my apperence.
d) Tried to have a serious relationship.
e) Gone to Bowness instead of Webber.

Sadly I'll never know, even if I have my own answers to those questions. Which leads me to the conclution of this post. If you could redo it all (any period of time in your life) what would you change?

(James, you shouldn't have shaved the mullet.)
» We're R.E.M. This Is What We Do
Wow, that's all I can say. I'm blown away by how fantastic R.E.M was. I didn't think they'd be nearly that good, but I suppose after 24 years in the business you learn how to own the stage.

Micheal Stipe does this with ease. He dances around amazingly, never misses a note, and when he rants, he rants well. When Orange Crush started the Saddledome Roared. When What's The Frequency Kenneth started to crowd boomed. When Losing My Religion came on, well lets just say those fuckers in Winnipeg heard it.

I'm still in awe of this concert, and then it hits me. HIP TOMORROW! Holy hell. For now though, gotta get a hold of Dana.

Until next time.

" Hey what's the big deal?
Tell me how to feel?
I know where we boomeranged and fell from grace.
Point me to the stars I'm up for the chase.
I know where we fell on our face.
Jump with me.
You jump with me.


I don't wanna boomerang.
I don't wanna cannonball.
I'm not angling.
I don't want to fall.
Tell me I'm the anchor of my own ascension.
Tell me I'm a tourist in the 4th dimension?


Work it out."

Animal by R.E.M
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